Missouri Bond Reduction Attorney: What, how and why you should consider bond assignments and bond reductions before posting bail.

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In many cases a Judge or other legal official will set a bond amount. By law, this dollar figure is supposed to be “reasonable.” If a bond amount is already set, bail can typically be posted in three ways:

  1. In other cases, a lawyer can usually get a “bond reduction” which reduces the cost of getting your loved one out of jail. Once our criminal defense firm is hired, we can begin drafting a bond reduction motion immediately and set a bail reduction hearing.
  2. There are many occasions when bond amounts are too high. In this case, a skilled lawyer may be able to get your family member or friend released from jail based on the attorney’s argument that this person is not a flight risk, not a hazard to society and promises to appear in court (own recognizance release) WITHOUT ANY BAIL.
  3. Post the full bond amount, which should result in a timely release from jail (as long as there are no outstanding arrest warrants in any other jurisdictions). When the case is fully resolved, the cash bond is refunded. However, the amount can be so high that an individual is not able to raise the cash necessary to be released.
  4. Another choice is to hire a bail bondsman who will charge a percentage of the bond as their fee. The downside is that the percentage (called the bond premium) is not refundable. This fee can be very high especially on extravagant bond amounts. This can consume the money needed to hire a lawyer. A bail bondsman cannot represent clients in court.

On a daily basis our office obtains bond reductions for our clients. In many cases, we can obtain a bond reduction or get our clients released on their own recognizance on the day.  This can save a lot of money.
To see how to check for warrants or what to do if you have an outstanding warrant see Recalling Warrants.

Unlike most law firms that dabble in everything from personal injury to real estate, Bill’s focus is on criminal law.  He does 99% criminal defense. Bill will explain your options including a bond assignment for legal fees. This allows your legal fee to be paid out of the bail money being held by the court at the conclusion of the case. Additionally, this enables your loved one to have immediate legal counsel.

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